Welcome to a guided walk through Sindri Leifsson's exhibition in the series SCULPTURE / SCULPTURE on Sunday 25 September at 3 p.m. The guided walk is part of the activation of the exhibition as art students lead guests around Sindri's works in and around the museum. The guided walk will be in Icelandic but discussions in English are more than welcome.

SCULPTURE / SCULPTURE is a series of exhibitions whose aim is to explore the place of sculpture as a medium in Icelandic contemporary art. The emphasis is upon providing greater insight into the focus of each artist, as each of them embarks upon a dialogue between the medium and history on his/her own terms.

Simple symbols and the handling of the material are recurrent themes in Sindri Leifsson's art, where social criticism is often at work. The exhibition at Gerðarsafn stretches out beyond the gallery space: ambiguous objects take up temporary residence in the nearby environment, to draw attention to city planning and our behaviour in space.

Sindri Leifsson was born in Reykjavik in 1988. He graduated with an MFA from Malmö Art Academy, Sweden in 2013, following his BA from the Iceland Academy of Arts in 2011. Sindri has exhibited his work widely, among others in the group exhibitions Hringrás, Berg Contemporary, 2016; #KOMASVO, ASÍ Art Museum, Reykjavík, 2015, Reykjavik Stories - QUARTAIR, Den Haag; Embracing Impermanence, The Living Art Museum, Reykjavík, 2011 og solo exhibitions both in Iceland and abroad: Exi(t), Verkstad, rum för konst, Norrköping, Sweden, 2015; Sawyer, Kunstschlager, Reykjavík, 2014; The Oracle, Alfred Gallery, Tel Aviv, 2013.

Participants of the guided walk: Íris Indriðadóttir, Jóhann Ingi Skúlason, Ólöf Björk Ingólfsdóttir, Óskar Þór Ámundason and Signý Jónsdóttir. 

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