PLAY WITH YOUR FOOD - sculpture buffet in Gerður´s Studio

Artist and art educator Linn Björklund leads a family workshop at Gerður´s Studio, Saturday 28 January, from 2-4 pm. Linn will explore a few chosen works at the exhibition NORMALITY IS THE NEW AVANT-GARDE which refer to the home and the everyday. 

Participants are encouraged to "play with their food"  and experiment with delicious forms, mouth-watering colours and tasty ideas. The exhibition NORMALITY IS THE NEW AVANT-GARDE considers manifestations of the everyday in Icelandic contemporary art from the perspective of eleven artists, revealing admiration for that which is extraordinarily ordinary.  

The workshop is tailored to the whole family. Join us at the table anytime between 2-4 p.m. 

The workshop is part of Family Program at The Culture Houses in Kopavogur. Every Saturday is a family program at one of the culture houses. The program can be found in Icelandic below or at the site of The Culture Houses in Kopavogur.
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