Gerdur's Studio

A hands-on educational exhibition

Gerður's Studio is a hands-on educational exhibition where visitors can peek behind the scenes to learn about Gerður Helgadóttir and her art through the medium of her studio. An experimental studio has been created, based on the artist's own studio. A range of creative projects offer museum visitors – both young and old – the opportunity to play an active role in the development of the exhibition. One of the main objectives of the Kópavogur Art Museum – Gerðasafn in holding this exhibition is to offer an interesting option in museum education for children of pre-school and school age, at no cost to the schools. We especially welcome parents to visit with their children, and enjoy creative quality time as a family.  

The concept of the exhibition has been developed by Guðrún Benónýsdóttir in collaboration with the Kópavogur Art Museum. She will lead open workshops for different age groups on the following days:

Saturday 10 January 3 pm (exhibition opening)

Saturday 24 January 3 pm

Friday 6 February 8 pm (Museum Night)

Saturday 21 February 3 pm (final day)

Further details to be announced.


The Kópavogur Art Museum - Gerðarsafn welcomes parties of all ages to the Gerður's Studio exhibition, with or without the guidance of museum education staff. Visits by school groups can be arranged Monday to Friday. Please contact us on gerdarsafn@kopavogur.is to book. We suggest that any groups planning to visit during Museum opening hours notify us in advance.

The exhibition Gerður's Studio opens on 10 January 2015.