RIFF events

Hypnosis and Filmmaking
29 September at 8 pm
Tickets: 1.500 kr

The french hypnotherapist and filmmaker Gurwann Tran Van Gie is this year's artist of annual collaboration between three festivals: RIFF, Hors Pistes and Air d'Islande. This unique event combines a screening of Gurwanns' newest film Honest Experience and a group hypnosis session with live music. The film shows 4 persons in a state of partial hypnotic trance. The person are chosen for heir unique approach to their craft. They are asked questions about the truths that guide them.

Polish Animation
30 September at 5 - 6:30 pm
Free entrance

Wojtek Wawszczyk og Zofia Scislowska give presentation of the works of the Polish Animation Assocation, both artistic and commercial ones included for example animation movies and special effects. The event is presentation and screening of four animation films;  Ziegenort, Hipopotamy, The Lost Town of Switez and Chick. The event is held in co-operation with Adam Mickiewicz Institute in Polland.

Polish Cine Art
2 October at 4 pm
Free entrance

Screening of The Performer (2015), a film by Maciej Sobieszczanski and Lukasz Ronduda. The Performer is an art exhibition in the form of a feature film based on the life of performance artist Oskar Dawicki, who plays himself. The screening is followed by a talk by the editors of the new book Polish Cine Art, Jakub Majmurek and Lukasz Ronduda. They discuss a new phenomenon occurring on the territory shared by Polish cinema and contemporary art.