Installation at the museum / Garðskálinn bistro open

Gerðarsafn is closed due to installation. Welcome to the opening of Emplacement: Part Two on Friday 3. November at 8 p.m. Garðskálinn bistro and the educational space Gerdur's Studio are open on the museum's lower floor. 

Emplacement is an exhibition of the works of Einar Garibaldi Eiríksson and Kristján Steingrímur Jónsson. The exhibition will open as two separate shows of recent works by each artist. A month into the exhibition, it will be recreated and the artworks shift between galleries, new and older works will be added in and the lines between exhibitions will become blurred.


Opening hours

Tuesday - Friday 11.00 - 17.00
Saturday - Sunday 11.00 - 17.00

Monday closed

Admission fee 1000 kr.

Students 500 kr. Free admission for children, 67 years and older, disabled and members of SÍM, ICOM and FÍSOS.

Free admission on Wednesdays