MA Degree Show in Design and Fine Art

Saturday, 6th of May at 14:00 an exhibition of works of students from the Master Programmes, MA Design and MA Fine Art at the Iceland Academy of the Arts will open.

In 2012, two international Master's Programmes, one in Fine Art and the other in Design, were established at the IAA. This is, therefore, the fourth graduating year of students from the Programme exhibiting in Gerðarsafn. The exhibition allows an outlook on the results of two years of Master level's studies where five designers and five artists in the field of fine art have been given the chance to develop and reinforce their research in the respective field under the guidance and supervision of leading designers and artists. Creative and analysing thinking is emphasised, as such thinking is necessary for innovative projects in both design and fine art in Iceland.

The MA Programme in Fine Art is a venue, created for students, to deepen and expand their knowledge in the field of contemporary fine art but also to strengthen their personal vision as well as relating their own practice to the theoretical foundations of the profession. The MA Programme in Design is focused on urgent contemporary matters and students are encouraged to emloy their imagination, intuition, critical and analysing thinking in order to positively impact society and those social changes which are upon us.