The Icelandic Book of Drawings is unique among Icelandic medieval manuscripts. Outside Iceland the volume‘s importance is not least due to the fact that it is one of a few model books from the Middle Ages to be preserved in Europe and the only one in the Nordic countries. The Book contains remnants of model collections by four artists, identified as A, B, C and D. They were active in the 14th and the 15th centuries. Their drawings were intended for various artworks, mainly of religious nature. The drawings in the Book feature over fifty identified subject-matters including three pictorial cycles and various other subject-matters that are not known elsewhere in Icelandic medieval art. The Book's motifs thus give a rich and unexpected insight into religious art and Christianity in Catholic Iceland of the Middle Ages. The manuscript is in such bad condition that it can not be shown to the public. An excellent replica on vellum of thirteen pages in the Book is on display at the exhibition. Many of the models in this unique manuscript have been computerized as vector drawings in order to make them accessible to the public. The exhibition is open until February 9th 2014.