Valgerður Briem

1914 - 2002

In the fall of 2006 a retrospective exhibition of Briem's work was held in the upper halls of the museum. Subsequently her children, Páll Bergsson, Valgerður Bergsdóttir and Þorsteinn Bergsson gave 10 drawings from the series Landlit and from the series Birds. In March 2009 another generous gift was made by Valgerður's children when they handed the museum around 1600 works by their mother.
This collection is invaluable and gives a good portrayal of the creativity of this great artist. In 2009 Briem's daughter Valgerður Bergsdóttir started organizing her mothers work in the museums database. Her recordings have shown that the generous gift is just over 1640 drawings of various forms obtained through a variety of drawing methods. Valgerður Briem was a great illustrator and artist. This great drawing collection is unique in the Icelandic art history and will be an inexhaustible source for the museums exhibitions in the coming years. This generous gift collection increases significantly and promotes Gerdarsafn in any way.

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